"Shoveling the first snow of the season" -Pioneering Sprit-

In the fields of rehabilitation, nursing care and social welfare for aged person, we provide valuable products and services and contribute to building a lively and affluent society by responding to the requests of the people who hope for well-being and those who support that hope.

We provide products and services that impress customers by perceiving their needs from their viewpoint with the workplace as the starting point.

We create new values by turning to the wider world, perceiving the state-of-the-art medical information sensitively and evidence-based creative research and development.

We conduct ourselves as good corporate citizens by continually exercising responsibility for our customers, shareholders, colleagues and society.

We aim to be a human population whose each individual continues to innovate themselves by challenging higher goals.

Since our establishment in 1881, we have contributed to the health of the people through the manufacturing and sale of high quality medical and nursing equipment in the fields of rehabilitation, social welfare and healthcare based on the time-honored spirit of "Shoveling the first snow of the season".

In the aging society in the 21st Century, the need for spending public funds for the social security systems typified by the pension, medical insurance and nursing-care insurance is still continuing to rise. To reduce that share of the costs, "Preventative Nursing" has been introduced to the Nursing-care Insurance System. In order to reduce long-term hospitalization and to restore the QOL (Quality of Life) of the people receiving care, and furthermore to increase the number of healthy and independent senior citizens and reduce the number of senior citizens confined to their beds as much as possible, more expectations are placed on valid evidence-based Preventative Nursing Techniques.

In such circumstances, SAKAImed continues to work with comprehensive development of rehabilitation, social welfare and healthcare in view and has been supporting the independence of senior citizens and the disabled while working together with the experts of rehabilitation, nursing care and welfare through the synergic effect of three operations; "Medical Rehabilitation Operation", "Bathing Equipment Operation" and "Power Rehabilitation Operation". Towards further achievements in the future, we will continue to step up our efforts to achieve SAKAImed's mission of "helping senior citizens and the disabled step out again into the future" through our business activities with "Customer Focus", "Advanced Ideas", "Responsibility" and Energetic Action" as our principles.

Your continued support will be most appreciated.

Kiyoshi Hayakawa
President of SAKAI Medical Co., Ltd.