Medical Rehabilitation
Over a century since establishment, we have been providing rehabilitation equipment for the recovery of the physical ability of the disabled. Based on the viewpoint of linking rehabilitation to the improvement of QOL (Quality of Life), we are working on medical rehabilitation that introduces the MTTs (Medical Training Therapy System). We will continue to provide high quality, high-precision treatment and training equipment as well as measurement and assessment equipment to establish "rehabilitation techniques based on evidence-based medicine" that is in demand today.

Bathing Equipment
Ever since the development of bathing equipment utilizing know-how on hydrotherapy, we have brought various competitive and innovative products to market such as the Progressive Bathing System which solved the problem of bathing for the elderly confined to the bed. We have a firm position today as the manufacturer of bathing equipment in nursing and welfare institutions and hospitals.

Power Rehabilitation
Power Rehabilitation is a program with the aim of the behavior change of the elderly who tend to stay at home.
It supports the realization of the elderly becoming independent and reduces the work of nursing for the caregivers. Furthermore, the spread of Power Rehabilitation leads to the reduction of Nursing-care Insurance costs and increases the continuity of the Nursing-care Insurance System itself.
We believe Power Rehabilitation is an area with increasing needs in the future in the new Nursing-Care Insurance System.